Monaro Marine Ltd.
2018 Newsletter

Hello to all the Monaro enthusiasts. This year marks the 39th Monaro reunion and the 42nd year since the first Monaro was launched. Boating needs have changed quite dramatically since 1976, but we are still here today adjusting to ongoing change in needs and wish lists to satisfy new Monaro requests.

Over the years I’ve had some unusual requests for special equipment. The first such request I remember well. Dick Fish, airline captain and former dirt bike racer, came to my shop in 1979 and said, “take this and install it into my 21.” It was a 4-burner propane stove with oven! He said he wants to make bread while cruising. I learned you do not say no to Dick and did the installation.

A fishing charter out of Bamfield, B.C. has the first Monaro 24, 1985. He has successfully been offering charters for a number of years out into the open Pacific Ocean. Now he tells me he is going 75 miles straight out for Tuna. He ventures out when most of his competitors stay closer inshore.

Never too old to learn. From the many customer suggestions we came up with our latest model, the 235 aimed directly at the sports fishing enthusiast. But this Monaro still has some cruising amenities and has the famous Monaro rough water capabilities.

At the January Vancouver Boat Show we unveiled the new Monaro 235. In the audience for this very special occasion, there were a number of key executives from the Marine industry, also attending were present and past Monaro owners. It was thumbs up from those who attended. During the show many powerboaters owning other brands also praised the fishing and overnighting abilities of this first fishing-oriented Monaro. Many experienced boaters scrutinizing the boat observed a few features missing on similar boats or not as well done as Monaro has. This is going to be a popular Monaro! it is like our famous 24, but now mostly focussed on fishing!

At the time of writing we have under construction a 298, a 255 and a 257, and of course a 235 plus another 255 expected for Spring 2019.

The 298 we are building is going to Chile. Yes, South America Chile! It will be shipped by freighter to Santiago, then trailered 1000km south where it will live. The owner found us on the cover shot of Pacific Yachting three years ago. He will be operating in a remote area off the coast with very limited fuel and water access. The climate there is much like the B.C. southern coast. He is also building a boat shed with railroad tracks.

Another retrofit project we have been asked to do was to figure out how to install our new cabin side elliptical portlights in the older 27’s and 298’s. Well we, did accomplish this task on a 2000 298. Fibreglass molds were made to fit any 27 or 298 so we can upgrade other Monaros if requested. See photos on our website.

As with many industries today we are experiencing a labour shortage. We are very selective in choosing good people.