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As your boating needs change, often so does your boat. However, you may have grown too attached to your Monaro to part with it even though it might be missing some features you would appreciate having. In this case it may be a better option for you to upgrade your Monaro than to purchase a new boat.

Monaro Marine offers a full range of upgrades to your Monaro including many you may not be aware of. Over the years we have been constantly tweaking our designs and adding to our list of available options. We have also done some very custom one-of-a-kind upgrades.

Here is a list of some of the available upgrades:

Monaro 21 to 255

Hull Extensions

255 hull extension 233 narrow hull extension

24' Hulls can be extended to a 255. This same extension can be incorporated with the 21'. Both extensions will require a 255 swim grid. These extensions will improve the ride of the boat, increase the buoyancy and increase cockpit space. A more cost-effective option is to do a narrow extension

Radar Installation

radar arch

With hard top models you have a few choices for installing the dome. Our most common method is to mount the dome on a powder coated aluminum post which mounts at the centreline aft end of the hard top. For older hard tops the wires run through a rail across the hard top. For the newer style of hard top wires run through a cavity inside the hard top. Owners often want to carry dinghys on their hard tops, so to allow this we use a stainless steel arch that clears the hard top enough to fit a dinghy underneath. All of the wires are fed neatly through the stainless pipe.

Stereo Upgrade

Fusion Ipod Dock

One of the top rated marine stereos in the industry these days is Fusion. They have a full waterproof design and many other industry-leading features. They are constantly upgrading their models and technology. To read more about Fusion click here.


fibreglass cabinet

Monaro is now offering fibreglass cabinets in lieu of our traditional wood construction. These are designed to extend right to the hull which will increase your storage capacity inside. Teak cabinets can also be refaced with white Formica. We also have fibreglass footrests forward of the cabinets. The advantage of fibreglass is that it is durable and requires no maintenance.


new dash

Monaro Marine has an all new dash available for the Monaro 21 to 255. We have rearranged the gauges and switch panels to maximized the space available. The gps / fishfinder display will fit flush in the dash directly in front of the driver resulting in improved visibility, convenience and safety. The dash is finished in medium grey gelcoat to minimize glare. The vhf will also flush-mount in the dash. This dash is designed to fit right over your existing dash which makes retrofitting and old dash much easier.

Hard Top Conversion

windshield conversion hard top conversion

Having your boat converted to one of our current hard tops has many advantages whether you want to upgrade from a soft top or have an existing old style hard top. It provides you with a warmer and dryer helm area plus much more headroom over the old-style hard top.

The conversion comes with a new windshield, hard top and panels to give it that factory finish. The Monaro 21 has one choice in hard top while the 24 gives you the choice of a longer hardtop. If height is an issue for you we also offer the 255 windshield on the 24 providing a minimum of 6'5" headroom.

Increase Fuel Capacity

gas tank

A larger fuel capacity can extend your boat's range and decrease the frequency of fuel stops. There are different ways to increase the fuel capacity of your boat. We can extend the existing one, add a second one forward or aft of the existing one or add two saddle tanks. The key to doing this is to maintain the proper balance of the boat.


Alaska bulkhead

If you are doing a lot of winter boating you might want to condsider this option. It will also secure interior of the boat better. We can also remove an existing bulkhead.

Auxiliary Motor

auxiliary motor auxiliary gas tank

An auxiliary motor is required for trolling and as a backup in case your main motor fails. When the main engine is gas powered the auxiliary is connected to the main gas tank. With diesel engines a custom aluminum tank is install.

Extra Floatation for 4-Stroke Motors

floatation pod floatation pod

The old 2-stroke motors are much lighter than the 4-strokes. If your boat has been upgraded to a 4-stoke engine your boat should have additionl buoyancy at the stern to offset the extra weight. This can be done by upgrading to a larger pod bracket or simply adding floatation around the existing bracket.

Holding Tank

holding tank

If you use your boat in U.S. or inland waters you require a holding tank with your toilet.


new seats and upholstery

The easiest way to upgrade the interior of your boat is to redo the upholstery. We can help you choose colors and design. Our helm seats have been redesigned with a higher backrest. They can be upholstered to match your existing upholstery.


Lowrance HDS10

Electronics technology has come a long way if you can think back what was available 20 years ago. You can now get your gps, fishfinder and radar all in a single screen. This will reduce the clutter on the dash and simplify operations. Chart maps now typically include much larger areas than they used to and the detail is amazing. Most GPS units have built-in antennas making installation easier.

Monaro 27 & 298

Swim Grid Extensions

27 swim grid extension 298 swim grid extension with Honda generator box

We offer a grid extension for both the 27 and 298. This is the most economical way to extend the usable space for your boat. With the extension there is room to lounge in a couple of lawn chairs or a great place to fish. In addition, two removable stainless steel rails can be added to give it that megayacht feel.

Custom Canvas

fixed canvas canopy over cockpit

If you like to avoid the sun and weather as much as possible while on your then this may be the solution. This canvas includes a fixed stainless framework with the overhead canvas laced on. There are only two vertical frame pieces to minimize obstructions. It comes with removable side curtains.


Alaska bulkhead

If you are doing a lot of winter boating you might want to condsider this option. It will also secure interior of the boat and heat the helm area better.

Bow Thruster

Bow Thruster

A thruster will help manuever the boat into those tight spots, especially in a current or windy conditions.

Storage Lockers

V-Berth Storage Lockers

If you need more storage space this is a great solution. These lockers mount on either side of the v-berth and will fit in both the 27 and 298.

Teak and Holly Floor

teak and holly cabin floor

Give your cabin that touch of class with a teak and holly floor. It is also more durable and easier to maintain than carpet.

Upgrade Wiring

upgraded wiring in engine room

Many new electrical products have been introduced to simplify wiring and make it safer. The electrical code has also changed, for example, the common ground color in the marine industry is yellow. It used to be black.

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