Monaro Marine Ltd.
New 298 Performs

298 planing in waterThe largest boat to come out of Monaro Marine’s shop in Richmond, BC, is the 298. The 29, as it is called, was developed because of a growing interest among current Monaro owners in a larger than the largest available boat from their favourite builder.

Owners of Monaro boats are loyal to their boat marque and it is quite commonplace for them to move up from a beginning 21 footer through the 27 or now, the 298. Over the years Monaro boats have proven popular among cruising yachtsmen, sportsfishermen and even waterskiing enthusiasts. They are deep, stable and seaworthy vessels with a strong reputation for a soft ride and safe comfort for the family.

The 298 was designed by builder Dan Parker with all seaworthiness specifications verified by a reputable naval architect. Parker’s hull design has earned him a reputation for having produced the right hull for the market. Says Parker "Like all of our boats, I have designed this one for the conditions in the Pacific Northwest. A Fabric cover or bimini is not practical in the area for 10 months of the year. The hardtop over the saloon and helm station won’t leak anywhere. This configuration is the only way we offer the 29. Furthermore, this boat will be out cruising during the off season when other boats are in storage.

"Parker says, referring to a reprint from Pacific Yachting magazine, "The hull is handlaid fibreglass with a vinylester resin coating and an epoxy seal to guard against osmosis. The longitudinals and framing are totally encapsulated in mat and roving."Although similar in most ways, the 298 is a while lot larger than the popular 27. The difference between them is the extra length of the hull at the stern. Where on the 27 there is an add-on swimgrid, on the 298 it is integrated into the deck mold. Now the transom has an added storage module molded in several versions.298 idling in water

Options are a fisherman’s pod or a storage pod for storing fishing gear and incorporating a fish or bait tank in the former case, and fenders, lines, dinghy oars and other items in the latter. Because of the stretched cockpit in the 298 the double berth under the helm station has been enlarged. It is longer front to back (forward to stern) and deeper (more headroom). The 29 has ample headroom (6’3" in the head, 6’8" in the main cabin forward and 6’4" under the hardtop). Some of these specs are the same as in the 27. In the saloon (helm station and adjacent space) the additional space accommodates a larger table and lounge area.

Two sliding, swivel bucket seats allow skipper and co-pilot to turn around and face the table. Or swivel back and run the boat.

The engine room is larger too. Because of its size there is lots of room to store tools, traps, deck chairs, kicker or whatever fits. Just don’t lean anything against the engine. Here you have the option of a standard Volvo big block 310 hp gas engine or twin 6 cylinder KAD44 diesels with duoprop. The KAD44 uses about 5gph at about 30 knots while the single big gas engine will do about 40 miles an hour plus and burn somewhat more fuel.

This is a good cruising boat with proven performance and seaworthiness that the family will love.