Monaro Marine Ltd.
Selling Your Monaro
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Unfortunately, the time will eventually come to sell your beloved Monaro. You have a few choices of how to sell it. One would be to try selling it on your own and the other would be to use a boat broker. When choosing a broker, where else would you find a better place to sell your boat than with us, the manufacturer of the boat? We would like the opportunity to list.

The advantages with listing with us:

  • We have a pool of potential buyers on hand, most of who are already sold on the Monaro brand.
  • We offer the knowledge of potential modifications that are feasible on the boat to make the boat more desirable.
  • Many existing Monaro owners come back for another preowned Monaro and most of them will come to us first.
  • We offer technical wizardry that is only available from Monaro Marine.
  • We offer storage for your boat in our shop. Potential buyers regularly come into our shop looking for a boat, therefore having your boat here gives it more exposure.
  • We often have the history on your boat which is helpful to buyers.
  • We use actual past Monaro sales data to determine the market value of your boat .